artemidite (artemidite) wrote,

What a ride!

Well, tons of crazy things have been going on in my life.....kinda. ;-)

1) I'm working....woot.

2) Tom is working at a new job (starts Tuesday, and it pays waaaaaayyyyyy more than his last one).

3) I'm going to see Danzig in just over 1 week.

4) I'm going to see 'cute with chris' on November 1.

5) Diana is coming up for Thanksgiving dinner this weekend.

6) Jamie, I lost your cell number in a phone malfunction....can you PM it to me here, email it to me, or re-text my phone?

7) I made homemade pumpkin pie (all from scratch).

8) I've been reading like crazy......

9) I really have nothing else to say, but, it felt weird to say this without making it yet another bullet point!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! :-D
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1) What's your job? I'm curious...

3) I can't remember why I'd act this way, but when I read this, I did the whole *ZOMG Le GASP* DANZIG!!!11!. (Do you know why?)

5) I thought, "Oh right, Canadian Thanksgiving is Friday-ish (Monday?)." Which is funny to me, since every time I look at The Schedule (the work schedule I'm repsonsible for at work), I think "Oh man, and I don't even get Canadian Thanksgiving off..? *internal whine*" even though I never really celebrated Canananadin Thanksgiving. :-p

But both you and Tom have income which, in my situtation at least, is a Most Desirable Event. Huzzah!

Anyhoo, you sound relatively happy with life (which, although I've personally seen when that doesn't happen, and lately you've seemed discontented) so I am ECSTATIC for you. Please let me know if I should tone down my enthusiam for you. ;-P Love you!
I'm working for a mortgage company. not a career job, but it keeps me occupied, and the work is 8:30-5:00pm, Mon-Fri. I love having a schedule. :-D

hahaha. My love of Danzig has always been sooooo closeted. It *IS* possible that I've played some of his music while you've been over. I've given up trying to hide it, but I am by no means a 'metal head' (at least as far as appearances go). I like the music, but many of the people who listen to it around here are downright scary. ;-)

*LOL* It's your inner canadian (the one you tried to kill) trying to get back out. ;-) I recommend feeding her lots of booze and maple syrup. That'll shut her up, eh? ;-)

Enthusiasm is very welcome, as I can hardly contain how relieved I am. It has been a rough few months (actually since March), as it has taken me exactly 1 year to find work, then Tom had a huge fiasco which threw off a bunch of stuff. However, now it is out of our hands, and the gov't will take care of the guy who needs it. ;-) Go revenue canada!

I still want to come visit, and now that there is double income, I can save up to do that. :-)
Yay for working! I want some of that pumpkin pie. Please send some over :)
hahaha! Actually, I think it would be fun to send you something distinctly canadian! I might just do that. I don't think that my pie would keep going all the way to you in the mail (and some hungry postal worker might eat it before it got to you).

I hope that you're doing well!!